PEC - April 15
PEC - April 15
PEC - April 15
PEC - April 15
PEC - April 15
PEC - April 15

PEC - April 15

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 NEED Confirmation & Payment by Feb 7, 2021

Porsche Owner's Experience

Thu Apr 15, 2021 

Museum tour will be from 3-3:45pm

Driving will take place from 04:00 PM - 05:30 PM

We will go to dinner after

Photography/Video will be taken for no extra charge 

Other extras will be included for free or small charge 


Program Details

What better way to learn more about your Porsche than on our purpose-built driver development course? Hone your autocross skills on our dynamics pad. Learn to control understeer and oversteer on the low friction course. Then, compare notes in the latest Porsche model from our fleet.

Drive Experience

45 minutes of driving and instruction in your own Porsche, followed by 45 minutes in our brand new fleet vehicle of the same model.



  • Must be a Porsche; 1990 model and newer
  • Must be equipped with driver and passenger airbags, antilock brake system (ABS) and a minimum three-point seatbelt system
  • Street legal (cannot be a race car)
  • Standard exhaust system (no open exhaust)
  • Standard tires (no R-compound tires)
  • No R-compound brake pads

Documents Needed

  • Age 21+ with a valid driver's license 
  • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance
  • Vehicle self-tech form (checked and signed by vehicle owner or Porsche dealer)


Non-GT Cars  will be $450 + optional $50 Damage Wavier

GT Cars will be $750 + optional $50 Damage Waiver†

  • Museum Tour
  • Photography/video Included 
  • Some other extras will be included or added for some fee 

†Vehicle Damage Limitation

  • Porsche Experience Center Atlanta or Los Angeles - Each participant is solely and personally responsible for $10,000 of automobile damage per occurrence. This liability can be reduced to $2,000 by purchasing the reduced damage limitation waiver. This option is available for $50/program and must be purchased prior to beginning a course.
  • Contracted Group/Corporate Driving Experiences, Porsche Experience Center Atlanta or Los Angeles - Please see your Event Contract for details regarding Vehicle Damage Limitation.