997 Headlights - Full LED - 992 Style - Morimoto XB for 997.1 or 997.2
997 Headlights - Full LED - 992 Style - Morimoto XB for 997.1 or 997.2
997 Headlights - Full LED - 992 Style - Morimoto XB for 997.1 or 997.2
997 Headlights - Full LED - 992 Style - Morimoto XB for 997.1 or 997.2
997 Headlights - Full LED - 992 Style - Morimoto XB for 997.1 or 997.2

997 Headlights - Full LED - 992 Style - Morimoto XB for 997.1 or 997.2

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997 Full LED Headlights in 992 Style - Price is for a pair!

They are direct replacement. No need to use your old headlights. 

For all models 997.1 & 997.2

They are high quality and you should maintain current functionality except AFS on the 997.2 cars - you can code out error.†  The beam is so wide on these lights anyway it won't matter much. Watch video to see. 

Standards or Compliance
If you need proof - please contact Morimoto and you local government regulatory agency before purchasing. This is your responsibility and we can not bare the responsibility including monetarily for needing to return or andy costs associated. 

NOTE: These housings have been designed for, and tested on, US-Spec vehicles. Other countries' compatibility may vary and is not guaranteed nor always known.

5 Year Warranty

Shipping NOW 

Made for LHD at the moment. Stay tuned for RHD but you can reserve a spot in line for $0 for now. At time of release - I’ll send you a final invoice for full amount of headlight.

DayTime Running Lights or DRL

Yes has it. See pictures where only 4 light dots are on. 


INSTALL VIDEO & Instructions



FAQs or Troubleshooting info besides info below:

† Settings & method for eliminating errors on a 997.2 Carrera that originally had Dynamic Dual Headlights:

Keep in mind your car may have different modules or settings but this car has no errors now. We also may have turned off too much or not needed to disconnect the lighting module but feel free to change only a couple things and test. 

We also disconnected the lighting module box in front trunk shown below.

After setting with Durametric the car required some restarting of the engine and driving around for the last error to go away by itself. 



† How do direct wire the DRLs and bypass the dRL module that Morimoto includes. (Optional but reminded especially if you want them to turn on and off instantly with ignition - otherwise it is voltage range controlled and may turn on if battery tender is connected )


How to direct wire the DRLs and get rid of voltage box.

Info from other owners on this thread:
Moromoto's new 997 headlights. Anyone? - Rennlist - Porsche Discussion Forums

“I ran a single wire from my fuse panel fed by the ignition {key on} and split it to the left/right side with a 7.5 amp inline fuse. There is a single empty slot near the bottom of the panel. While the box they offer is a neat idea, I'm not sure I trust the longevity of that. It senses a voltage drop at start up and triggers the box on, feeding 12 volts from the battery. My way is simple and fool proof”

“These seem to be the connectors that Morimoto uses in their harness. As soon as I have them I take out the "smart box" that Morimoto supplies and wire the DRL to ignition. I just didn't want to splice the original harness, in case I ever want to sell them again.

I tapped into the fusebox, it's the tap on the left side”

“the next picture shows the firewall on the driver's side (on the left would be the battery and on the right you can see the cap for the windshield water.
There is a rubber grommet (highlighted by the red arrow). I punched a hole through it and pushed the wire through.
I didn't take a picture from the footwell, but's in easy reach behind the pedals

“By the way: the second red wire has nothing to do with lighting, it goes to the electric pump for my PDK cooler"

"Yes, run a 7.5 amp small fusable link."

"I tapped into fuse C2, but you could also use for example B9
Also a 5 Amp fuse should be more than enough
5 Amp = 60W at 12V, I doubt that the LED lights pull more than 30W”



Please see policies for any returns or cancelations. 

Made by Morimoto XB brought to you by Cypher Vehicle Design