DRL - Hardwire Kit for Morimoto XB LED Headlights or similar headlights

DRL - Hardwire Kit for Morimoto XB LED Headlights or similar headlights

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 DRL - Hardwire Kit for Morimoto XB LED Headlights or similar headlights


Cypher Vehicle Design DRL Hardwire Kit will allow you to:

• Turn the DRLs on and off instantly with ignition - otherwise  with the DRL module that Morimoto includes with their lights - it is voltage range controlled. 
    • Issue there is that the DRLs may turn on if battery tender is connected or off when voltages change and other issues with our classic car's voltages .

This kit connects the light's DRLs directly to car fuse box. No need for the car's battery to be the source of power as with  the morimoto's DRL module.


How to direct wire the DRLs and get rid of voltage box:


After removing  the morimoto control black box by just unplugging and discarding...

you have this single plug shown below...


Plug it into this from our kit....


Then use the extra spool of wire in our kit to connect that to that above... 


...and then run the other end of the spool of wire into cabin through grommet in firewall...

The picture shows the firewall on the driver's side (on the left would be the battery and on the right you can see the cap for the windshield water.
There is a rubber grommet (highlighted by the red arrow). Punch a hole through it and push the wire through.

I didn't take a picture from the footwell, but is in easy reach behind the pedals...


Grommet can vary by model or which you choose to go through...


The end of spool of wire should be connected to this....


a 5 Amp fuse should be more than enough to put in #1 slot pictured below. Or yu can use a 7.5 amp if needed. 

Plug this part above into fuse box.

Slot  in fuse panel C2 or B9 work because they are fed by the ignition {key on}.

(If those fuse slots are taken … you can pull the fuse out that’s already in  one of the fuse box slots mentioned and put in position #2 (closest to the tip)

#1 slot is for the headlights fuse you are adding (closes to the wire)...)




Please see policies for any returns or cancelations. 


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